Karin Lanz Founder Lanur Cosmetics

Photo: Karin Lanz, Founder Lanur



It was the rearing of the orphan sheep Betty that allowed Karin Lanz to experience the wonderful effects of lanolin first hand. The daily touch with the soft fleece of the animal cared for her hands like never before, this was the key experience for the development of no excuses LANUR. As a presenter and actress, the professional examination of her own body has always been part of her daily ritual, comparable to the care of a professional musician’s instrument.
As a mother and responsible consumer, however, it was also clear to Karin Lanz that she had to find new ways to ensure that her products were harmless to the planet. no excuxes LANUR is the first cosmetics line in the world to leave no negative footprint without compromising quality and performance. Nature is the model and the solution for the cosmetic products of no excuses LANUR, because nature can do everything and it knows no waste.
Karin Lanz: ” I am proud to have taken revolutionary new and unusual paths for the development of the world’s first c2c-certified cosmetics line, and I vouch with my name that our products are 100% what they promise.”