Circular by design

LANUR is future-safe cosmetics.  As a provider of Clean Beauty, we rely on circular materials.. As a user of Clean Beauty, we rely on 100% recyclable materials. Thanks to the closed-loop principle, raw materials are no longer wasted, but only borrowed and then returned intact. The concept of waste no longer exists with LANUR. With Cradle to Cradle Certified®, LANUR has submitted to the highest scientific certification standard available in the field of circular economy. And for this, as the first cosmetics company worldwide to receive the Gold Standard, incl. of all packaging elements. All our raw materials are documented, declared and certified. Our approach is holistic and transparent.

The cradle-to-cradle school of thought sees humans as beneficial organisms. The principle of thinking strictly in cycles is based on the laws of nature. Translated into business, a cycle means that the focus is not only on customer benefits after the sale of a product, but that the entire product cycle is consciously accompanied all the way back to its origin.

Instead of wasting precious resources, they are safely returned to clean technical or biological cycles after use. This makes the concept of waste obsolete.
To achieve this goal, a Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification assesses the quality of the cycle: ensuring that materials are safe for people and the environment, the recyclability of cosmetics (recyclable design of products), the protection of air and climate through the use of renewable energy and the reduction of harmful emissions, the assurance of clean water and healthy soils, and respect for social fairness.

Cradle to Cradle certification evaluates and verifies the safety, recyclability and responsibility of materials and products according to the five sustainability categories of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard: material health, product recyclability, air pollution control and climate change mitigation, water and soil stewardship, and social equity. To receive certification for a product, companies must work with a qualified independent auditor to determine the product’s performance in the five sustainability performance categories.

The circuit and product cycle of LANUR cosmetics:


Borrow from nature

Together with our partners, we support smallholder agriculture and thus both biodiversity and fair global trade.


Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certified

Our products, all materials and processes are safe for people and the environment.

cradle to cradle

Contemporary and uncomplicated care

Ancient skin care knowledge with traditional active ingredients, implemented in a modern modular system – so that every skin gets the personal care it needs.


Responsibility beyond consumption

We take back all empty packaging elements directly or through our partners.

cradle to cradle

Closed circuit

We ensure that all materials circulate for as long as possible so that we do not need new raw materials unnecessarily.

cradle to cradle

At the end of no excuses LANUR is always the beginning.

What cannot be directly turned into a new product is industrially composted and returned to the earth safely and without residue.