In everyday life, we use vast amounts of cosmetics. From toothpaste to shower gel to deodorant or skin care cream. All of this comes into contact with our skin and is inevitably washed into our water systems. So it’s high time to take a close look at what we’re bringing into our homes and start looking at circular cosmetics.

It is not easy to keep track of everything. There are many labels and advertising promises to question. Knowing which ingredients are harmful, what they mean, or in what quantities they do something requires knowledge of chemical agents. Although mature consumers are increasingly well informed, the Latin terms alone lead to confusion and mistrust. There it would be easiest to radically reject what one does not know. But that would be a great pity. This is because it also means missing out on the opportunities that recyclable cosmetics offer.

Chemical processes, properly understood and applied, have always been part of nature: tocopherol, for example, binds free radicals and prevents skin aging. This is vitamin E. GLYCERYL STEARATE are emulsifiers, from fatty acids are converted into esters (alcohol) and thus help to combine water and fat. Since water and fat separate, chemistry is essential to make a cream. Natural chemical processes accompany us everywhere in life and we are no longer even aware of them. It is particularly necessary for us to be able to breathe, because photosynthesis is also a chemical process.

During the development of no excuses LANUR, it became apparent that chemistry plays a central role. Leaving out was not a solution to get high quality and contemporary cosmetics. So new approaches were needed to use safe chemistry, to stay in balance with the environment, to create truly sustainable and recyclable products.

Recyclable cosmetics means producing no waste

Ensuring product safety and sustainability also means taking a close look at packaging. Dubious substances from packaging end up in products and ultimately directly in the environment. Preventing this is another key issue for recyclable products. Everything should be able to be brought back into biological cycles. Because in the end, man should be a beneficial insect again and his remains should become nutrient. The same as is the case in nature. It is the primordial circulatory system. Just as leaves fall to the ground in the fall to become nutrients, all of their processes are fabulously thought out and don’t end up leaving useless piles of trash.

The concept of no excuses LANUR is that you can return us the packaging of all cosmetic products directly or through our partners. We will then make sure that everything is carried on completely.

Protect earth and water

If man does not radically change his behavior, life on earth will die out. Sadguru ‘s #safesoil movement draws attention to the fact that we have depleted the soil so much in recent decades that it will soon be unable to produce anything nutritious. The numbers on this are overwhelming. If business and politics do not act, things will already look miserable for us by 2050. Faster than the climate crisis, squeezing the soil is pushing us to our limits.

That is why it is so important to control the entire supply chain, which is still almost impossible in cosmetics today. Nevertheless, we have managed to compile exclusively certified ingredients. No excuses LANUR focuses on the care of natural cycles and thus on certified organic or biodynamic raw materials, supports small-scale farming and thus promotes biodiversity and nature conservation.

Circular cosmetics address all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Being circular at heart means sustainability in all areas. There is no environmental protection where people are exploited and oppressed. As a company, we have the opportunity to make every decision for the benefit of all. On a small scale, we have the opportunity to be fair, which has a big impact in the end.

In the environment of a partnership network, we can promote and influence sustainable action and thinking. A cosmetics company has only an indirect influence on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to some extent. However, through supplier selection, it can trigger or support tremendous change.

The quality of water, food and nature has to do with our personal well-being. We have long known that everything is connected in a cycle. That is why no excuses LANUR follows the holistic approach. It makes a difference to my skin where and how the ingredient is grown. And it makes a difference for the raw material, how mindfully, with the earth and the people was treated. This consistency can be felt right through to the finished product.

Cradle to Cradle certified

As already mentioned, there is a veritable jungle of labels and certifications for consumer goods and cosmetics, which are supposed to provide security and give direction to our purchasing behavior. Many labels are contradictory, making it difficult for consumers to know the true level of sustainability of a product. In the case of the certificate of circulatory capability, it is different.

The only certification for recyclability is provided by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This scientific, global award takes the most innovative approach. It evaluates products and materials for material health, recyclability, clean air and climate protection, water and earth stewardship, and social responsibility.

To work your way up to circuit capability, this certification comes in gradations from bronze to platinum. The worst result in the various categories represents the overall result. No excuses LANUR products have reached the gold level including the packaging. The heart of the products, material health, is on platinum.

Perfect skin no excuses

We have radical demands on modern skin care and we make the balancing act possible with our circular cosmetics. You can have the perfect skincare routine without burdening the world with it. Try our basic products. You can find more information in the store.